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Web Design Services

We create customized Web Design for your projects! Modern websites need much more than just a good-looking site. To create a great business website ready to compete in the market today, one has to consider the user experience, site optimization, usability, and page loading time.

Our web design and development team is experienced with setting up robust, profound business websites that work with brand identities. Our user friendly websites are WordPress-built and are highly responsive at the forefront of your design goals. Whether you need the simplest of sites to get your business out there or want a complex, sprawling e-commerce website, our web design team is perfectly equipped to help you achieve your vision.
Long Beach Web Agency - WordPress Development

WordPress Development​

WordPress provides a beginner-friendly content administration platform that allows you to make changes quickly on the go. Our highly tailored WordPress services design the kind of websites that give vision to your dreams.

Responsive Web Design

A veritable chunk of web traffic is accessed from various mobile devices, which means that creating a responsive website is crucial at this point. Countless visitors will access your website on the go.

Our responsive web design process prepares your site to adjust itself to any gadget it is viewed on. We will make your site look perfect on any device – a PC, tablet, iPhone, or Android. At Long Beach Web Agency, we make sure that every website we create has responsiveness baked in.
Long Beach Web Agency - Responsive Web Design

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Long Beach Web Agency - Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

We give life to your brand identity! Our graphic design experts have the creative skills to take your organization’s brand identity and convert that to a visual design.
With measured consideration of every element that will go on your site, from the shading design to typography, our team will work with you throughout the production of your business website to create modern, eye-catching graphics to bring the site to life.

WooCommerce = eCommerce

WooCommerce is the eCommerce platform of the future, and the WordPress CMS supports it. WooCommerce enables you to sell anything on the web with an unrivaled User Experience.

Long Beach Web Agency - woocommerce ecommerce
Long Beach Web Agency - Hosting A Website

Hosting A Website

Our hosting platform offers responsive, lightning-quick hosting for your site. As your hosting provider, our team will help you take care of the day-to-day activities, platform updates, dashboard management, email hosting, and technical support.

No matter the size of your business, our web hosting takes care of your security and speed while giving you the certainty that your site is being managed expertly. By continually updating all the frameworks and code on the site, we guarantee the success of your site and the security of your information and that of your users.

Did You Know?​

More than 1 in 3 websites are built using WordPress. It is the industry standard for business sites.

Marketing To Support Your Web Design

A business must have a strong website that represents it online to compete in the market. However, that isn’t all it takes to excel. At Long Beach Web Agency, we don’t just design sites – We are authors, experts, and creatives, who are entirely focused on our customer’s prosperity.

As a competent digital marketing agency, we create a website that is accustomed to your liking and then advertise the site to provide growth to your business.


Long Beach Web Agency - SEO-Services

SEO Services

Our team creates a clear-cut plan of your SEO strategy and help you achieve a better Google ranking

  • Target the right traffic
  • Rank higher in search
  • Strengthen your website
Long Beach Web Agency - Copywriting


Create and distribute your content by improving your impression on relevantly new audiences.

  • Build authority
  • Increase credibility
  • Provide value to customers
Long Beach Web Agency - Pay-Per-Click


PPC management ensures that the advertisement campaign is shown to relevant searchers and is ranked at the top.

  • Immediate impact
  • Increase exposure
  • Targeted advertising
Long Beach Web Agency - Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Internal linking is a technique of creating internal links between pages of a website with targeted key phrases.

  • Boost Visibility
  • Engage Your Audience
  • Cross Platform Growth

SEO Backed Web Design

Website Optimization gets your clients to your site, while the layout and design should keep them there. These vital digital marketing components combine to give your online presence a foundation for development and growth.
That is why we incorporate the best SEO techniques into every single site we make. Our team offers modern web design supported by proven SEO techniques so that you don’t just have a good-looking site with responsive design, but you can also be sure of regular visitors.

Long Beach Web Agency - website-architecture

Website Architecture

We make sure to build sites so that both users and crawlers can easily access content on the site.

  • Organized Content
  • Optimized Navigation
  • Robots.Txt File Management
Long Beach Web Agency - Modern-Coding

Modern Coding

Our developer’s team ensures the use of modern coding practices for a fully functional site.

  • Smooth Animations
  • Reduced Loading Times
  • Frontend Stack 
Long Beach Web Agency - Optimized Speed

Optimized Speed

Every site we build is created to load its pages as fast as possible for the best user experience.

  • Improved User Experience
  • Improved Page Ranking
  • Reduced Bounce Rates
Long Beach Web Agency - Mobile-friendly

Mobile- Friendly

We build our sites to be responsive. Customers can visit the site on all screen sizes.

  • Improved Rankings
  • Improved Page Scores
  • Improved Site Accessibility

Web Design & Development Process

Building a website is no mean feat. It takes a team working together with a clear end goal and determination to build a site that will stand against scrutiny. That is why our web design process is focused on you, the person who knows their business best and who can best represent its goals.
Our design and development team becomes part of your team as we work together to create a website that improves your business’s growth while fortifying your online presence.

Every business is unique. We make sure to build a website that satisfies our clients’ needs, aims, and objectives. After our first meeting, where we discuss the entire project in full, we’ll create a prototype version of the site, so we know what we’ll need when building it.
Wireframes and Mockups: We have experience building sites for businesses like yours. We can guide you in choosing the perfect design, features, and layout to make your site stand out.

 After the design is done and you have chosen a mockup you like, we forward it to our development team to bring it to life on the internet using the best coding practices.

Before deployment, we make sure to go through the entire site and make sure there is no potential hiccup once it’s live—our team checks for anything that could hinder the site from running smoothly.

Once we are sure there are no problems, our team will put the website out into the world. After launch, we will maintain the site to make sure everything is working fine.

Become An Affiliate

Are you perplexed? Become a member of our family now! We will assist you in selecting the best SEO plan for your website. We’re working hard so you can rest!

Results-Driven Website Solutions

Your website serves many purposes. It is the main asset for your online presence, the first impression on a potential customer, and a chance to show what makes your business stand out from the competition. You should make sure to invest in getting the right team to make that vision a reality.
With the Long Beach Web Agency, web development is easy. Our experienced team uses basic web design templates backed up by modern SEO techniques to create your online presence. Decide to improve your business today with web design that brings results.

SEO Services For Every Business

We have a variety of SEO services to help your business grow. Our SEO bundles are centered around building a platform for your online growth, giving you countless opportunities to reach prospective clients, no matter where they look for your services.

SEO Essential

  • 50,000 Words Of Content
  • 50 Written Articles
  • Article Proofreading
  • 10 Page Website Design
  • Google Analytics & GSC
  • Responsive Website Design

SEO Standard

  • 100,000+ Words Of Content
  • 100 Written Articles
  • Topic Clusters
  • 15 Page Website Design
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Wireframe Source Files

SEO Enterprise

  • 150,000 Words Of Content
  • 150 Written Articles
  • Internal Linking
  • Data Studio Integration
  • 20 Page Website Design
  • eCommerce Develoment
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