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Technical SEO Solutions

Studies have revealed that more emphasis and higher ranking achieve by those websites that offer top-quality and easy-to-understand content. Thus, a strong digital presence is crucial for business growth which can be achieved through specialized SEO.

Our committed team at Long Beach helps you achieve great success in digital marketing. Just like a home demands a proper foundation, a website requires a well-established basic premise of specialized SEO. Focusing on the factors that enhance a website’s online presence and performance and rank your website higher on search engines will help you get a step ahead of your competitors.

Our professional SEO teammates upgrade your SEO rankings through our successful and established website improvement campaigns. Our team analyzes all the technicalities of specialized SEO and offered you the best results for the SEO plan you take up. Technical SEO plans provided by Long Beach can elevate your website’s performance to a great extent.
Long Beach Web Agency -Technical Site Audits

Technical Site Audits

Technical website audits examine the functions and features of your website, analyze its current status and make improvements for the overall enhanced performance of your website. Our specialized team guides you through the important checkpoints that affect Google and other major search engine’s SERPs

Penalty Recovery

Has a penalty been imposed on your website?

Our committed team at Long Beach will dive deep and resolve the issues that are keeping you from ranking high on search result pages organically. We will help you comprehend the working of your business and website complementary to users and search engines.

Long Beach Web Agency - Penalty Recovery

Did You Know?​

You need a strong and effective local SEO strategy to increase customer influx to your stores, big or small!

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Long Beach Web Agency - Website Migration

Website Migration

You can trust our experienced and certified team that works hard to enhance the user experience on your website with dynamic maintenance. We also effectively migrate your website to the latest platforms with your pre-existing and current content and equip your website with a secure browsing experience. Your unique digital tactics and targets will be kept in mind while developing a migration plan for your website

Speed Optimizing

A progressive business keeps advancing with improved websites, domain names and a secure browsing experience (HTTPS). This whole process is often very tedious and brings about a lot of challenges and obstacles that can hamper your website’s performance and presentation, which leads to losing a lot of audience traffic.

Organize content on your site by running coordinated data glossaries like and help web crawlers comprehend your relevant data
Long Beach Web Agency -Speed-Optimization
Long Beach Web Agency -Organized-Data-Markup

Organized Data Markup

As mentioned before, well-coordinated data glossaries (like assist web crawlers to assimilate your information better by organizing content on the website.

Use organized Information Markup Code (like JSON-LD) on your website so that our specialized SEO job renders better-indexed lists. This improved query list rewards you with increased accessibility and better navigation rates for your business.

Become an Affiliate

Step into Affiliate Marketing with Long Beach Web Agency Affiliate Program. Promote and advertise your preferred services and make commissions through your Affiliate Sales.

Analyzing Competition

Our SEO team and extensions closely watch over your competitors and rivals. With various utility-SEO services in our team we thoroughly go through your competitors’ online presence.

We analyze the presence of general and specific rivals – both publicly and locally and explore multitudes of selected areas like-

Long Beach Web Agency - Analyzing Competition
Long Beach Web Agency - Optimizing Graphics

Optimizing Graphics

People have a natural inclination towards graphic content instead of fact-filled bulky textual information. Visual content is pleasing to the eye and accessible to the mind, and also complements the reduced attention span of people these days.

Poor visual content compromises user experience and is a big drawback to your website. On top of that, Google is also very particular with its positive user experience and would hardly feature a page that does not meet the standards.

Our SEO team will help you step up your visual-graphic game and please the eyes of your clients and algorithms of Google.

Analyzing Backlinks

A backlink is a vital aspect of successful SEO performance.

Get a complete detailed audit of your backlink profile through our Backlink Inspection. This helps to figure out where the link starts and where it redirects to. Backlink inspection also helps to find third-party referencing openings which profit your website through essential off-page inquiries.

Long Beach Web Agency - Analyzing Backlinks

Did You Know?​

Over 83% of the small-scale business holders with an established website feel their prominence and advantages over businesses that still lack a website.

Extensive SEO Solutions

Our SEO experts at Long Beach Web Agency have experience with dynamic trends and algorithms and know precisely what the user sees and search engine shows.

Long Beach Web Agency - Local SEO

Local SEO

Boost your Local business across your local premises and beyond with Local SEO Strategies and get the best results.

Long Beach Web Agency - Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Transform your website into your biggest online business asset by optimizing the e-commerce platform and achieving better sales.

Long Beach Web Agency - Techincal SEO

Technical SEO

Drive-in organic traffic by complementing your website with modern, up-to-date search engines and providing the best UX

Long Beach Web Agency - SEO Analytics

SEO Analytics

Broaden your reach digitally by analyzing SEO data and analytics and understanding what helps you get more reach

SEO Solutions For Everyone

We at Long Beach Web Agency provide various assorted SEO services to develop your business and help you achieve your targets. With our versatile SEO packages, we create a robust foundation of your online success through your website, reach your targeted audience and expand your business like never before.

SEO Essential

  • 50,000 Words Of Content
  • 50 Written Articles
  • Article Proofreading
  • 10 Page Website Design
  • Google Analytics & GSC
  • Responsive Website Design

SEO Standard

  • 100,000+ Words Of Content
  • 100 Written Articles
  • Topic Clusters
  • 15 Page Website Design
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Wireframe Source Files

SEO Enterprise

  • 150,000 Words Of Content
  • 150 Written Articles
  • Internal Linking
  • Data Studio Integration
  • 20 Page Website Design
  • eCommerce Develoment

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused about our Technical SEO offerings? Here are some questions that our new clients generally tend to ask us:

Technical SEO is a process that involves optimization of the website code with the objective of improved organic growth and SEO growth. Technical SEO ensures that the website has all the technical requirements of modern-day search engines. The process majorly includes Crawling, Indexing, Rendering, Website Architecture, and more.

We have no standard rate or formula to calculate the pricing of your SEO services as it majorly depends on the type and degree of assistance you require. We accept all major credit and debit cards for payment purposes, including Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and more.

Suppose you are looking forward to improving your website’s SEO ranking or want to know what else you can do better to boost your website’s performance or need advice regarding ranking up and SEO. In that case, you should have a Website SEO Audit and bring the best out of your website. 

SEO Audits conducted by Long Beach perform a comprehensive analysis of the website. We review and examine all aspects important for SEO Ranking. Based on the reports, we chalk out a plan of action. We guarantee increased sales and traffic on your website post-audit.

You should definitely invest in an SEO auditing package. The detailed review will reveal to you the dos and don’ts of gaining traffic. This will be a thorough all-around analysis of your website for its content, mobile-friendliness, toxic backlinks, and the probability of getting penalized in an algorithm update.

A technical SEO audit simply analyzes the ‘health’ of your website and finds the issues needed to be fixed. The audit report generally consists of a Crawl report, a Safe browsing report (HTTPS), checking the website’s XML sitemap status, load time, mobile-friendliness, robot.txt file and much more.

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